Handling & Merchandising

They say letting go is the hardest thing for parents do.  Believe me, these are our babies!  We’ve raised them right and watched them grow with pride.  Please take a moment to check out our tips on how to properly care for them and show them off.


  • FRESH….focus on it!
  • Our research indicates, other than our rare growing conditions in Georgia, nothing effects flavor like FRESH.
  • Peaches lose flavor and moisture under refrigeration….its necessary but minimize it.   Ever had a mealy peach? BLAH
  • Blow em out!   Hopefully you will not have old peaches but if you discover movement is slow OR you found a few boxes in the back.   GET THEM GONE…discount and go.   First loss is best loss (look it up).
  • Rotate…ROTATE, a no brainer we know however we think it is worth mentioning.   Never place fresh peaches on top of older peaches.
  • Minimize handling….another easy one.   Strive towards the ‘single pivot.’   Limit handling to one move from carton to display or utilize existing carton/tray as part of the display.
  • FOCUS HERE..ITS IMPORTANT work to receive peaches as often as possible from the warehouse.  We work with the warehouse to deliver fresh peaches several times each week.


  • Clean consistent displays..make it flow
  • Red side up?   Yep…it works.  People incorrectly associate red with ripe.  Take a few seconds to turn a few peaches on top red side up.
  • Checklist…put peaches on the checklist.   Make a point to inspect display 3x daily.  Morning CHECK, Noon CHECK, early evening CHECK
  • Cross-merchandise other items on or near the display to encourage use.  Most recipes call for multiple peaches.  Let’s get them eating more and more peaches!

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