Why Our Peaches Are Sweet

They don’t call us the “Peach” state for nothing!

Have you ever wondered why peaches from Georgia are so dang good? It’s the FLAVOR! A fresh, sweet Georgia peach is the most flavorful peach you can eat. And that’s no accident. A lot of things have perfectly come together to give our peaches their one-of-a-kind legendary flavor. Although it makes life a bit brutal during the summer, our searing hot nights and intense high humidity allow our peaches to produce sweet Georgia sugar all day AND night. Most other growing regions cool down at night and the peaches take a break from producing sugar. This cooling down at night is known to enhance a peach’s red color but it stops crucial sugar development. Now ask yourself this question: Would you rather eat a peach that’s all red and pretty and tastes mediocre? Or would you rather eat a peach that’s full of sweet Georgia sugar and flavor and has that beautiful yellow-red blush to it? Don’t be fooled by how many peaches a particular growing region boasts about growing. After all, you can’t feed your children VOLUME of peaches. You feed your children sweet, flavorful Georgia peaches. Quality and sweet flavor is all that matters. Sweet Georgia peaches give you both… every day, every peach.

Georgia, and particularly the Fort Valley plateau where 90% of Georgia peaches are grown, has historically less freezes, more consistent rainfall, less hail, and consistent year-over-year temperatures, too.   We’ve learned a thing or two over the 140+ years that many of our families have been farming Georgia peaches.   Much of it is hard work but we know it’s worth it.  For example, the vast majority of our fruit is picked, packed and shipped in the same day in an effort to give our peaches more time on the tree and less time until it gets to you.  We gladly take on this logistical challenge because we are simply obsessed with flavor.  It’s all we think about.  So try one and you’ll be obsessed, too!  Sweet Georgia peaches…so dang good.