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Gena knox


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A native of a small town in middle Georgia, Gena Knox’s foray into the kitchen came at a young age. Her daily chores included helping her mom with the family’s meals. Growing up, her family home was surrounded by peach orchards so it was only natural that she and her mom spent many hours preparing a variety of dishes that highlight fresh, Georgia peaches.

Influenced by her mom’s love of cooking, the abundance of fresh produce from the garden and the fact that all good meals in her area were home-cooked, Gena embraced all things food and was set on her culinary path.

Today, that culinary path has led Gena to author three cookbooks, including her award winning series of books “Southern My Way”.  Gena’s books are a compilation of recipes for traditional Southern dishes that have been updated with a lighter, healthier approach and focus on the use of local ingredients. The beautifully photographed books contain seasonal recipes that have been streamlined for our lives and takes home cooks on a journey through both the South that Gena grew up in and the South she knows today.


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