Retailer Programs and
Merchandising Tips

Welcome to the Retailer Portal into Sweet Georgia Peaches! We’re excited to show you the benefits of promoting one of our country’s iconic and premier food brands: Sweet Georgia Peaches. 

We have an array of merchandising options for you to choose from. We’re thrilled to have you participate in our programs and we’ve built an array of elements from colorful bin wraps and posters to a comprehensive dietitian toolkit and social media Facebook contest customized for your customers. Enjoy the options!

“Georgia In July”

“Georgia in July” is the name of a program that your Georgia peach growers have put together to help you sell massive amounts of Georgia peaches in a short period of time.

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Handling / Merchandising

Please take a moment to check out our tips on how to properly care for them and show them off.

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General POS

We’ve put together some great P.O.S. material for you to take advantage of and create record peach sales.  Take a look, utilize them and become a produce hero!

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Dietitian Toolkit

Fresh Georgia Peaches are a superfruit of summer. Here are nutrition and fun facts about this warm-weather favorite.

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