The Balanced Peach

High in antioxidants?  Good source of Vitamin C?  Whatever happened to a balanced diet?

Peaches are the in the top five highest scoring fruit on the “Completeness Score™,” according to  The scale analyzes how complete a food is with respect to 23 essential nutrients. Peaches give you a healthy mix of many different essential nutrients – instead of just a few.

Peaches scored higher than blueberries, pomegranates,  apples, oranges, grapefruit, pears, grapes, plums, bananas and many more on

In addition to being light on the pocketbook, peaches are also low in calories. A medium-size Georgia peach contains only 38 calories, which is fewer than comparable-sized apples or pears.

In addition to being low-calorie, like all fruits and vegetables, Georgia peaches are cholesterol-free. Another plus: Georgia peaches are especially filling. Their 87 percent water content makes them a perfect between-meal snack; but there’s more. Georgia peaches also provide natural plant compounds called flavonoids, which research suggests may help prevent cancer and heart disease. So enjoy a Georgia peach! You’ll be on your way to better health by getting at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

Georgia peaches are packed with natural goodness. They’re not only delicious, but incredibly nutritious. Several major nutrients, including vitamins A (beta-carotene), C and potassium are packed into each Georgia peach. They’re also an excellent source of fiber and are good for blood sugar and keeping cholesterol levels low.

Did you know a single, medium-sized Georgia Peach:

  • Is known for a distinctive sweet taste like no other
  • Makes a wonderful, fat-free snack (anytime!)
  • Has a low glycemic load (it won’t cause a sudden surge in blood sugar)
  • Delivers 10% of your recommended daily intake of vitamin C