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How to Select, Ripen, and Store Georgia Peaches

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There’s nothing like a perfectly-ripened, sweet Georgia peach. That’s because unlike other peaches that may sit in cold storage for days after picking, Georgia Peaches are picked, packed and shipped all on the same day! This way consumers can be assured that when they choose Georgia peaches, they are getting the freshest, sweetest peaches available.

One of the main reasons that shoppers are hesitant to buy peaches is that sometimes they look beautiful on the outside, but due to days in cold storage, they can become dry and ‘mealy’ before ripening. Because Georgia peaches are shipped directly from the farm to the store, they’re always fresh and will ripen into a juicy, tasty delight.

Here’s how to help your shoppers choose, ripen, and store fresh Georgia peaches so they can enjoy them all season long.

Choosing the perfect peach: 

  • Look for peaches with a creamy gold background color. Red is not an indication of ripeness as it indicates variety. If your peach is totally red, look in the stem cavity and check for a lime green color.
  • Avoid rock-hard peaches and choose those that yield slightly to pressure along the crease of the peach, even if they may otherwise be fairly firm.

How to ripen:

  • In order to ripen peaches properly, simply place them on the counter at room temperature until they reach desired ripeness. Do not put unripe peaches in the refrigerator.
  • If you wish to accelerate ripening, place the peaches in a sealed bag.


How to store:

  • Once peaches have reached the desired ripeness, enjoy them right away or place them in the refrigerator for a day or two to keep.
  • After slicing peaches, add a dash of lemon juice to prevent excessive browning.
  • For more detailed tips and videos on exactly how to select, handle, prepare and store, visit:


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  1. David Tester

    8 years ago

    When it says add a dash of lemon juice is that all do you add water to the bowl to cover the freshly sliced peaches?
    Do you add water ?

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